Amory continues to recover from tornado, nearly done with debris removal

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It’s been just over three months since severe storms and tornadoes devastated portions of Mississippi and one community is beginning to enter into its rebuilding phase.

As recovery efforts continue, Amory Mayor Corey Glenn says nearly 100 percent of the debris that was left after an EF-4 tornado pillaged the city has been removed.

“We feel like we’re about 98 percent through with that as far as the debris removal side. We’ll eventually move into some personal property debris removal and also some commercial property debris removal,” Glenn said on MidDays with Gerard Gibert. “We’re in a really good place right now.”

In all, Glenn says 1,477 homes and businesses were destroyed in the small town. There were also roughly 2,000 light poles that were demolished due to the storm. According to Glenn, the totality of damage amounted to approximately 500,000 cubic yards of debris or 11,000 truckloads.

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Nevertheless, despite the storm having an expected long-term negative impact on Amory’s landscape, the mayor is confident that his community will be revitalized as soon as possible.

“Amory 2.0 — it’s coming back,” Glenn said optimistically. “You remember the skyline, the big huge trees. That’s kind of what we’re known for. The skyline is forever changed. It won’t be back in my generation or in my lifetime, but Amory 2.0, the rebuild is certainly coming back.”

As for Amory’s healthcare infrastructure, Glenn notes that the hospital and other medical facilities remain intact.

The full interview with Glenn can be watched below.

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