Applications for alligator season in Mississippi now open

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Mississippi hunters can now apply to partake in the state’s yearly public water alligator season.

The application period permits opened on Monday, June 3, and will close on Monday, June 10. A subsequent lottery for permits will then take place with the winners being contacted by June 24. The 2024 season will then be held from Aug. 30 to Sept. 9.

If selected, hunters will have a chance to purchase their zone permit ($200). An alligator license ($25) will also be required to hunt. One is not eligible to purchase a permit unless the individual has possessed one of the following valid licenses:

  • Sportsman, All Game H/F, Small Game H/F, Apprentice Sportsman, Apprentice All Game, Apprentice Small Game, Senior Exempt, Disabled Exempt, or Lifetime License.
  • Lifetime License holders are exempt from the purchase of the Alligator Hunting License ($25).
  • Hunter’s Education requirements do apply. If you have been certified in hunter education and are unable to attend a hunter education course before the hunt, you may purchase an Apprentice License in lieu of a combination-type license. The apprentice License is available as a one-time purchase for hunters who have never been certified in hunter education. It is valid for only one year.

More information on alligator hunting applications can be found here.

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