Are you receiving spam group text messages?

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Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley says there have been numerous reports in the last few days of many Mississippians who are getting group message texts that are spam.

Image courtesy of the Office of Commissioner Brandon Presley, Northern District, Public Service Commission

“We’ve made it easy and free to report these to us.  There is a link for our free PSC No-Call App for your smartphone so you can report these messages directly to us,” said Presley.  “It takes only a few seconds to report texts or telemarketing calls. ”

Presley advises you to never open a mysterious link or send any personal information. “Unfortunately, under Mississippi law, if these messages are not an attempt to sell a product or obtain money, they do not constitute a violation of the laws we are responsible for enforcing, but many of these are messages do not start off asking for money but immediately lead to a scam and therefore are violations,” said Presley.

If you have received a message asking for money or there has been an attempt to sell you something, click here to file a report.

You can also call the Public Service Commission at 1-800-637-7722.

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