Beware of black ice as melted spots refreeze overnight

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While you may have seen some ice beginning to melt on the roadways Tuesday, many of those same spots have now refrozen—creating patches of black ice.

The Weather Channel describes black ice as a thin coat of highly transparent ice that is nearly impossible to see as it blends in with the pavement. Due to the prescience of these highly dangerous conditions in 68 counties, you’re urged to limit non-essential travel for the time being.

For the latest road closures and traffic updates – click here. 

Avoid all non-essential travel and if you must drive, MDOT provides the following tips: 

  • Remember, ice will form on bridges and overpasses quicker than the road. 
  • Slow down; should winter weather conditions become present, black ice can form.
  • Allow more space between the vehicles around you.
  • Brake early and gently to avoid skidding, and never slam on the brakes.
  • Avoid distractions, such as talking or texting on a cell phone.
  • Stay alert

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