Biloxi sets new sales tax collections record

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For the 28th month in a row, Biloxi has eclipsed the million-dollar mark in sales tax collections.

According to city officials, Biloxi took in more than $1.4 million in sales tax collection during July. The number is considered the highest in decades and possibly even the highest in the history of Biloxi.

“Trends continue to move in the right direction,” Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich said. “Growth is taking place, bringing more people to Biloxi.”

Community Development Director Jerry Creel explained there are several factors contributing to the upward trend.

“Confidence in what is happening here in Biloxi is evident,” Creel said. “Single-family home inventory has greatly increased, as well as commercial businesses and retail shops. The number of events taking place in Biloxi also contributes to people staying and shopping in our city.”

Biloxi, which has a population of about 49,000, sees millions of visitors each year in large part due to its casinos and beaches. Gilich said the city’s goal is to maintain the current trend.

“The numbers don’t lie and they are up. Our goal is to keep people coming back and to continue to make Biloxi a safe, friendly, and beautiful community that all want to enjoy,” Gilich said.

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