Brothers arrested by MHP in viral video sentenced to jail time

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Three brothers from McComb that went viral on social media after recording a Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) trooper arresting a Black male have been issued jail time.

During the recorded arrest, one of the men on the scene, Gary Lewis, recorded the traffic stop he and his two brothers had with MHP Trooper Hayden Falvey. In the video, the Falvey is shown pulling Lewis’ brother, Eugene, across the street by the neck before forcing him to the ground.

Gary and his other brother at the scene, Derrius, can also be heard alerting Falvey that they are recording the encounter. Eugene was then placed in Falvey’s vehicle before backup arrived, who later arrested both Gary and Derrius Lewis.

Commissioner Sean Tindell cleared Falvey one week after the video was posted, clarifying that the officer was working within his rights during the arrest.

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Now, each of the three men have been sentenced to serve 60 days in jail for varying charges related to the arrest.

Eugene Lewis was charged with Careless Driving, Seatbelt Violation, Disregard for Traffic Device, Window Tint Violation, No Proof of Insurance, DUI Other 1st Offense, Resisting Arrest, and Failure to Comply.

Gary Lewis was charged with two counts of Obstructing a Public Street, Resisting Arrest, Failure to Comply, No Driver’s License on Demand, Seatbelt Violation, Expired Tag, Improperly Displayed Tag, and Window Tint Violation.

Derrius Lewis was charged with Resisting Arrest, Failure to Comply, Public Drunkenness, and Disturbing the Peace.

Click here to watch the entire dashcam footage of the traffic stop.

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