Columbia convenience store haunted by man wearing pumpkin Crocs

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Halloween activities are taking place throughout the Magnolia State, but one man took the festivities a little too far.

An unidentified man crashed his car into the front of a convenience store in Columbia and proceeded to loot from the shop. The suspect was wearing orange, Halloween-themed Crocs and left one behind at the scene.

Fortunately, nobody was injured during the incident. Now, officers are looking to return the pumpkin Croc to its rightful owner, while also seeking justice for the convenience store.

The Columbia Police Department took to Facebook to poke fun at the suspect and also call on the public to help identify the looter.

“Columbia Police Detectives need your help identifying this suspect #dudeintheGeorgiashirt. In the early morning hours of October 25, 2022, this man #finefellow, was seen entering the Shell station parking lot, #inhisminicar. He is then seen driving his car #thelittlebittyone, through the front doors of the store #crash. He then proceeded to loot the store of alcohol and tobacco products #gottagettheimportantstuff. It appears that his day has not gotten off to a good start, #wevebeenupallnighttoo, and our wonderful officers here at Columbia PD would like to help this man by returning his other ‘pumpkin Croc.’ #whatisapumpkincroc #wheredoyoubuytheseinadultsize. No, seriously, we need to talk to your festive friend #holidaycheers #comegetyourCroc,” the Facebook post reads.

The video of the incident can be watched below.

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