Could CEO’s affect election laws in Mississippi?

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If CEO’s want to tell Georgians how to manage their elections, what’s to stop them from doing the same in other states?  It’s a question that concerns MS Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

“i’m just really appalled at the behavior of these CEO’s…Delta…Coke…Major League Baseball.  Think about this,” she told SuperTalk MS during an appearance on ‘The Gallo Show’.  “If you have to have an ID to get on a Delta plane, or if you’re going to go pick up your tickets at will-call at a baseball game, what are they going to ask you for?  An I.D.”

Fitch says state’s should have the right to dictate how their elections are run.  “So what they were doing (in Georgia was trying to take away the opportunity that harvesting the ballots is absolutely wrong.  Or voting without an ID for absentee voting is wrong.  What they did is really try to strengthen and uphold–as state’s should do.”

Fitch believes what the law did do is make it harder to cheat.

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