Delta wave brings new peak for hospitalizations in Mississippi

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Mississippi has reached an unfortunate milestone in the pandemic as the state officially hit new peaks in terms of hospitalizations, patients in intensive care and ventilators in use. 

According to data shared by the Mississippi State Department of Health, 1,490 patients are hospitalized across the state—surpassing the previous peak from January. Officials say that 1,300 of those individuals are unvaccinated. 

ICU capacity is scarce as 388 beds are currently in use with 264 patients on a ventilator. 

This morning, the state’s highest one-day rise of new COVID-19 cases was reported with 4,412. 

Wednesday, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs explained that most of the individuals being admitted to the hospital are under 50 and the leading age group for mortality is now 50-64. This is due to a high vaccination rate among the state’s 65+ population and a lower rate among younger adults. 

An increased number of children have also been hospitalized in recent weeks. 

Several measures have been taken to begin addressing capacity and staffing issues in healthcare facilities across the state. 

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