Did Centene investigation go far enough

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Centene has agreed to pay Mississippi $55.5-million in a no-fault settlement after an investigation into claims that the company’s Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) were inflating their bills. Centene is paying an $88-million settlement after a similar investigation in Ohio.


Representative Becky Currie hasn’t exactly been shy about her feelings on Centene. During a visit onThe Gallo Radio ShowonSuperTalk Mississippithis morning, she didn’t hold back. “I want the taxpayers to realize we are working with a company that’s stolen money from us. And this is just the first thing we looked at. Anybody that works in health care will tell you there’s more to find.” She’d like to see a federal investigation into their business practices.

She can’t understand why the state is still doing business with them. “They got a slap on the wrist. They think they’re in a perfect position to go into this next contract. We’ll be stuck with them for three more years taking money from us with other little companies that they decide to go into business with.”

Currie is asking Mississippians to pick up the phone and call the Governor’s Office. “Tell them we don’t want to do business with Magnolia (Centene is the parent company of Magnolia) who has already been proven to take $55-million of our taxpayers money.”

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