Don’t count Mississippi out of mobile sports betting just yet.

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Mississippi was one of the first states to launch sports betting, but 3 bills aimed at expanding that to mobile platforms died in committee.  Larry Gregory, the Executive Director of the MS Gaming and Hospitality Association says all 26 operators in our state just couldn’t come to an agreement.

“When most people say sports betting, they have a picture of what sports betting is.  In front of the TV.  Or  with mobile sports betting, on a phone.  But when you get down into the weeds and it is very, very complex.  Different companies have different models that they use throughout the country with mobile sports betting.  Getting one to agree to certain things, in the weeds, becomes challenging at times.”

Gregory says while there was no agreement this year, they’re still discussing the possibility.  “I wouldn’t say we’ve shut the door to it.”

Mobile betting is allowed on a casino’s property in the state for now.  But none of the commercial casino’s are using the “Mississippi mobile” option.

Since it’s launch in August of 2018, our state has generated $103-million in sports betting revenue, and $12.4-million in taxes on the $890-million wagered.

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