Fake attorney arrested on drug charges in Monroe County

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A man who had previously been locked up for pretending to be an attorney has been taken into custody for allegedly trafficking drugs in Monroe County.

Members of a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team and officers with the North Mississippi Narcotics Unit arrested Ray Charles Lenoir in Aberdeen on Friday for selling and trafficking drugs in the region. Officers confiscated illicit substances from the subject at the scene.

Following a stint in federal prison in the past for drug charges, Lenoir faced legal trouble in June 2023 for representing himself as a lawyer despite lacking proper licensure. The criminal had charges filed against him last February after illegally practicing law in a November 2022 case.

“Lenoir has been taking advantage of Aberdeen citizens in other ways as well, by taking their hard-earned money as attorney fees knowing that he is not licensed nor able to deliver the legal assistance his victims are in need of,” a statement from Monroe County Sheriff Kevin Crook reads.

“If anyone has paid Mr. Lenoir for legal services that were never rendered, we will do our best to assist you in prosecuting him for his actions. This would include families of inmates in our facility.”

Lenoir is charged with eight counts of trafficking drugs in his latest arrest.

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