Federal pandemic unemployment benefits end June 12th

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Federal pandemic unemployment benefits will end June 12th.  Jackie Turner–Director of the MS Dept. of Employment Security–told SuperTalk Mississippi she expects thousands to drop off the unemployment rolls when that extra $300 from the feds is no longer available.

Between the federal program and regular unemployment, over $4-billion has been paid out to Mississippians since the beginning of the pandemic.  At last check, there were over 55-thousand job openings.  No wonder employers are frustrated.

“A bonafide job offer that is turned down is a criteria for pulling someone off employment, ” Turner explained during an interview on The Gallo Radio Show.  Residents collecting unemployment are required to look for suitable work and have 3 job searches a week, and aren’t allowed to turn down suitable work.

Employers can report refusals of work here:  https://mdes.ms.gov/employers/online-transactions/report-separation-refusal-of-work/

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