Flag resolution will go to committee today

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Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann will be sending the recently introduced flag resolution to committee today once the Mississippi Senate gavels in at 3:00 p.m.

“Sometime today, I’ll assign [the resolution] to a committee as the first step in every legislative process begins with a committee structure,” Hosemann said. “The resolution will go to committee, and if it comes out, the Senate is going to vote on it.”

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While the first-term lieutenant governor did not offer his own personal opinion regarding the removal of the current state flag, he did assert that “it’s time for that discussion to occur.”

“I kind of expect Mississippians to start looking for a flag of the future, whether it be the one that we may have now or a newer one.”

The resolution would need 2/3 votes in both chambers in order to suspend the rules for consideration of Senate Bill 2446 to change the Mississippi state flag.


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