Food Truck Festival draws thousands

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For proof that Mississippians are ready to get out and enjoy live events again, look no further than the first ever “Food Truck Festival”; an event put on by our Gulf Coast SuperTalk stations Sunday. Over 20 food truck vendors gathered on the grounds of Big Play Entertainment Center to serve the masses.

Local TV station WLOX filed this report early in the day:

Sales Manager Jessie Alvarez says the event was supposed to end at six. “But people were still walking in. Music went off at six o’clock, and some of the vendors were ready to go. But people were still walking in. The vendors that still had food–the majority of them sold out–they were still selling.”

Alvarez estimates that between 3,500 and 4,000 in total came out. And yes, there are plans to bring “Food Truck Festival” back again, with eveb more vendors.

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