Gov. Reeves gives update as second round of winter weather nears

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Four days in and the winter weather impacting Mississippi doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Governor Tate Reeves took to Facebook Live to provide the latest as a second round of the storm is headed this way. 

Having endured days of icy conditions, the governor stated that the next 36 hours present unique challenges for different portions of the state. He explained that the Delta will likely see a significant amount of ice while Central and NE Mississippi each have a chance of snow and ice. Meanwhile on the Coast, hail and tornados are a possibility. 

Road conditions continue to present issues for motorists and the Department of Transportation urges you to avoid all non-essential travel. Governor Reeves explained that law enforcement has responded to a total of 1,115 accidents throughout the state over the last three days. No fatalities have been reported. 

While the number of power outages has been cut in half thanks to the handwork of the linemen and women across the state, more outages are likely to occur. 

The governor reminded you to check on your elderly neighbors to make sure they have power and heat. 

On the vaccine front, Governor Reeves stated that first-dose appointments remain for early March at and that he looks forward to expanding eligibility “very, very soon.” Currently in Mississippi, those over 65 and those with underlying health conditions are eligible to be vaccinated. Most vaccine sites have been closed this week due to the weather. 

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