Governor declares today as Mississippi’s Day of Prayer

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Governor Tate Reeves signed a proclamation Wednesday, designating today, December 20th, as a voluntary statewide day of prayer, humility, and fasting.

During the signing event at the Governor’s mansion, Reeves acknowledged the struggles of 2020. “It has been challenging.  A very, very hard year for so many of our fellow Mississippians,” said Reeves.

Day of Prayer Declaration Signing

“There are people who have lost their homes to natural disasters. People who have lost friends and family to COVID-19. People who have lost their businesses and people who have lost their livelihoods and their work because of this pandemic. There are many, many Mississippians, whose mental health is struggling at best, and there are many who feel isolated and depressed,” said Reeves.

Reeves stated that there are many Mississippians who have stepped up to fight back during these challenging times and took time to honor them.

“Teachers who have worked so hard during this fall semester to keep our kids in the classroom.  There are administrators and folks throughout our educational system; pre-kindergarten all the way through our institutions of higher learning, our community colleges, and even those who work for life-long learning, ” said Reeves.

“Obviously our nurses, our doctors, and those on the very front lines fighting against this pandemic,” said Reeves. “Helping, soothing, making their fellow Mississippians feel better, and in so many instances, thanks be to God, helping those individuals live and get back to a normal life.”

Reeves continued by saying, “Our workers, our grocery store workers – those who have never stopped working because of the necessity to provide food for our families.”

“The scientists who have worked to help us find these vaccines that are now being distributed throughout our state, throughout our country, and throughout the world, which will help us to better manage this pandemic.”

He spoke of pastors and people of faith.  “They have helped calm these challenging seas, and have helped to provide leadership to not only their own flocks but to all of our Mississippians.”

“We know here in the middle of December, after nearly 300 days, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Reeves. “2020 and all of the challenges that it has brought, is almost over.  But, we also know, that we have more work to do.”

Reeves said, “We have more trials that will bring us together, and we must come together. Regardless of our backgrounds, regardless of our geography, regardless of our political views, we must come together. ”

“As we close out this year, I felt the need to go to God in prayer for our state. Ever since the beginning of this pandemic, we tried to hold opportunities for our fellow Mississippians to pray – to pray together so we could be together.  We know there is power in prayer, in fact, it is what God commands us to do.”

Reeves cited Romans, 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer. ”

In closing Governor Reeves said, “As we’ve done throughout the history of this country, we will go to the Lord and ask for His protective hand over us as we conclude the year 2020 and as we enter the year 2021.”

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