Governor Reeves: “Our President should trust Americans, not insult them.”

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Governor Tate Reeves believes he was asked to be on every morning show in America last Sunday morning “because they thought they could attack us and make us look bad.”  As for President Biden referring to his decision to lift the mask mandate as ‘neanderthal thinking’, Reeves said he was reminded of when Hillary Clinton called us deplorables.

“The fact is, this is what the national Democratic party thinks about people in middle America.  They believe in a top down, centrist government that should tell all of us what to do on a daily basis.  Contrast that with myself and others.  We believe that individual freedom is what  drives America.  While there are times in which we have to make hard decisions, and certainly during the pandemic was one of those times, I think it’s more important for our President to trust Americans than it is for him to insult Americans.”

“But then they asked us in the middle of the week,”  Reeves continued.  “Other Republican governors started relaxing their restrictions like we did.  And then Democrat governors in places like California and Connecticut started reducing  their restrictions.  And the reason is because the vaccine is a game changer for all of us.”

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