Governor Reeves signs bill that criminalizes unauthorized pill presses

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Unauthorized possession or transferring of a pill press in Mississippi is now illegal as Governor Tate Reeves signed the Victoria Huggins’ Mississippi Pill Press Law of 2022 (HB 679) on Tuesday.

On top of criminalizing pill presses and other related pharmaceutical producing equipment, the bill also designates the Mississippi Department of Public Safety to be over the creation of rules for registration, transferring, and the destruction of unlawful pill presses.

Legislators have expressed that they hope this bill will aid in the fight against the opioid epidemic as around 100,000 American lives are lost each year due to drug overdoses.

Reeves commented on the bill’s signing, saying:

“The opioid epidemic has been an unparalleled tragedy that has taken the lives of far too many Americans,” Reeves explained. “My administration will do everything we can to stop illegal drugs from entering Mississippi communities. This legislation is another tool that will help ensure our neighborhoods are drug-free.”

Those convicted of violating the recently passed law can face up to five years in prison or receive a fine of up to $5,000.

The bill goes into effect July 1.

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