Governor Tate Reeves update on vaccine mandates, rising crime and medical marijuana

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Governor Tate Reeves addressed numerous issues during an interview with SuperTalk Mississippi this morning.


Mississippi is either already challenging or will challenge 3 different Biden Administration vaccine mandates.  Governor Tate Reeves explained that they’re fighting the OSHA mandate for companies with over 100 employees, the defense contractor regulation, and the requirement that all health care workers get vaccinated.  “In one of the cases that we filed Friday the 5th Circuit Court in New Orleans issued a stay.   And we’re very clear that the grave concerns that this particular order put into effect from a constitutional standpoint meant that they had to immediately stay it.  They did it over the weekend.  They did it within 24 hours of Mississippi filing suit,” Reeves told us.


Efforts to defund police have backfired in some cities, and when it comes to fighting crime, Governor Tate Reeves wants to do the opposite.  He recognizes that Hinds County Courts are behind on cases, and belives that there aren’t enough police in the city of Jackson.  “As you know we created the Capitol police.  We have 78 officers today.  We’re going to ask the legislature for funding to double that particular police force in size.  We think if we can go to 150-160 officers that’s gonna help us.”


Medical marijuana supporters have been very vocal in their frustrations with the Governor for not calling a special session.  Reeves detailed a number of concerns during an interview on The Gallo Show this morning, but one particular quote pretty much summed up his thoughts.  “The bill as it currently exists lends itself much more to recreational than to medical.”  He said that concerns him significantly.  “It’s the reason we have not had a special session yet.”



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