Hosemann survives McDaniel in GOP lieutenant governor’s race

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Incumbent Delbert Hosemann will officially represent the Republican Party in the race to hold the lieutenant governor’s seat in Mississippi.

Hosemann survived a heated campaign cycle against challenger Sen. Chris McDaniel. The two repeatedly engaged in mudslinging on the campaign trail. However, the incumbent’s track record while in office appeared to have resonated well with voters, leading him to amass a near-double-digit victory over McDaniel.

“Tonight, it’s clear that Delbert Hosemann heard you, and I know grassroots patriots will continue to encourage him to fight for Mississippi values and our conservative principles. Mississippi’s future deserves a fighting chance,” McDaniel said after the race was called. “After 16 years in public office, it’s now my turn to join the ranks of hardworking Republican activists across our great state to re-elect Governor Tate Reeves and support every Republican on our ballot this November. I hope you’ll join me.”

In his first term as lieutenant governor, Hosemann led the Mississippi Senate in passing the largest tax cut in state history, the largest teacher pay raise in state history, and historic investments in infrastructure.

“I am so honored to have had the opportunity to represent Mississippi as the secretary of state, to get voter I.D. passed, and now as lieutenant governor to get raises for our teachers, cut taxes, and pay off debt, and build infrastructure,” Hosemann told SuperTalk Mississippi News.

Heading into the general election, Hosemann touted recent economic successes seen in Mississippi as a primary reason for voters to give him another term in the second-highest state office.

“We’re in the best financial situation we’ve ever been in as a state,” Hosemann said. “We have the ability now to attain things we’ve never been able to attain before and I’m really excited for the opportunity to do that. I hope the people rehire me.”

Hosemann will face off against Democratic nominee D. Ryan Grover on November 7.

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