House sends pay raise for Mississippi teachers to governorís desk

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The Mississippi Legislature has approved a pay raise for the stateís teachers.

After proposals pinballed back and forth between chambers, HB 852 was ultimately passed by the House this morning, providing a $1,000 raise to current teachers while also raising the starting salary for Mississippi teachers to $37,000. The bill will also raise the salary of teacher assistants to $15,000.

The House voted to concur on changes made to the proposal in the Senate. The Senateís initial proposal (SB 2001) died in committee over in the House, and its language was then inserted into the bill that was sent to the governorís desk.

Before voting on the bill, House Education Committee Chairman Richard Bennett explained that lawmakers are working on an incentive program for Mississippi teachers as well. He explained that this could be introduced prior to the end of the 2021 session which would require a suspension of the rules.

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