Hyde-Smith Talks Infrastructure, Inflation and Election Reform

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Republicans aren’t going to vote on an infrastructure package when they don’t know what’s in it, according to Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith.  She spoke about it during a visit with SuperTalk Mississippi on The Gallo Show yesterday.

“We all went down to the floor and voted and said you have got to show us everything that’s in there.  They’re hiding things from us,” she told us.  “We’re not going to vote for something until our negotiators can sit down and negotiate with them to something we can live with.”

As for the For the People Act that would federalize elections, Hyde-Smith told us it’s impossible to implement.  “It would de-certify every single voting machine in the entire nation.  A brand new voting machine would have to be bought to replace what we have now.  And the technology hasn’t even been created.”  The plan would do away with voter I.D., despite polling that suggests a majority of Americans support it.  “We would have to create 2 sets of voter rolls in Mississippi if this were to pass, because it’s in the Mississippi Constitution.  The voter I.D.”

Hyde-Smith and other Republicans blame what they call the reckless tax and spending of Democrats for inflation.  “The public does not see that, they call it free money.  Anything they can get out there to say this is what the Democratic Party can do for you at the moment is all they’re looking for.”




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