Jackson company looks to change remote learning with virtual reality

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Schools across the nation are learning to adapt due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Lobaki, Inc. out of Jackson is using virtual reality to enhance the distance learning style.

Lobaki has already implemented virtual reality labs within 30 schools in seven states, however, the pandemic has encouraged the technology company to invent a remote program that they recently tested out with students in Sumrall.

“Working with a school in Sumrall, Mississippi…we outfitted their eighth-grade class with VR headsets, sent them home with them, and then, we used an application to allow us to meet in what we call the metaverse and hold class there,” Lobaki CEO Vince Jordan said.

The remote program allows students to not only interact with each other but travel together to different virtual realms such as the Pacific Ocean for marine biology and the moon for astronomy.

“This is about the best version of distance learning you can have today,” Jordan continued.

Now that the initial test run has proven successful, Lobaki is working to provide other schools with the same remote program as it is realistic to believe the fall semester is going to be negatively affected by a second wave of the coronavirus.

To hear more about Lobaki and its programs, watch the video below.

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