Jackson students bury time capsule remembering water crisis

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As the city of Jackson continues to suffer from water woes, the zenith of the crisis is being remembered by local students with the hopes of a better future.

On Wednesday, fifth and sixth graders at Dawson Elementary School gathered to bury a time capsule on campus. Inside, multiple handwritten letters were included detailing how the students and their families were impacted by a months-long period in 2022 without clean water.

Jackson Public School District administrators, officials, and board members joined in writing their own notes to be encapsulated. While some notes highlight the hardships of the crisis, others give credit to those who have worked to solve the issues.

“Our memories of this moment in Jackson’s history should not reflect only the tragedies but also on the men, women, and children who have committed their lives to build our community,” Vicki Conley, principal at Dawson Elementary School, said. “Our students must be allowed to leave their mark and tell their stories of resilience during this unprecedented time in Jackson’s history.”

District officials added, in a press release, that they hope the mementos inside the capsule will enable future generations to reflect on the actions taken by city leaders and the Jackson community to fix one of America’s worst water contamination crises.

“During the water crisis, many students stepped up to help with donated water and ensured our classrooms had vital resources,” Tanyatemeika Mason, principal at Capital City Alternative School, explained. “Their determination and resilience have built a movement that will empower future generations to work together to create change in their communities. The time capsule reflects JPS students, district staff, and Jackson leaders’ strength, perseverance, and commitment to the community.”

The time capsule was buried near the Calming Tree at Dawson Elementary. It is scheduled to be unearthed in 2035.

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