License reciprocity bill signed into law by Governor Reeves

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From teachers to geologists, many occupations require some form of a license, and a bill signed into law will make it easier for anyone to move to Mississippi and get a job in their field. 

Signed by Governor Tate Reeves, HB 1263 requires Mississippi to recognize occupational licenses obtained in another state as long as that individual is in good standing with that state. 

According to Empower Mississippi, a strong supporter of the bill, Mississippi is the first southern state to adopt universal license recognition, placing the Magnolia State in a position to attract more residents. 

“Mississippi took a leap forward today, becoming the first southern state to adopt universal recognition of occupational licenses,” Russ Latino, Empower Mississippi President, said. “HB 1263 will allow qualified professionals moving into Mississippi the chance to immediately begin earning a living and serving their fellow Mississippians. While much remains to be done to make our home the most job-friendly state in the country, the Governor and leaders in the legislature are to be commended for entering the race toward competitiveness with great gusto.”

Empower notes that, in recent years, studies done across the country have cast doubt on the efficacy of licensure to protect the public and have raised serious concerns that licensing stops people from finding work and dramatically increases prices for consumers.

HB 1263 builds on legislation passed in 2020 that ensured universal license recognition for military families. 

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