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MCWI awards Jackson over $35.6 million for water infrastructure improvements

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The first round of funding from the Mississippi Municipality and County Water Infrastructure Grant Program (MCWI) has been announced, with the city of Jackson being awarded over $35.6 million for projects at the city’s water treatment facilities and sewage lines.

According to State Senator John Horhn, the $35,629,520 grant was given in response to Jackson’s numerous water infrastructure issues, specifically the city’s failing water treatment plants.

“I was told by the executive director that one of the city’s drinking water projects scored higher than any other application in this first round,” Horhn explained. “We are looking for the state to do more once the regular session begins in January.”

The projects include:

  • J.H. Fewell Plant Filter and Transmission Line Project Drinking Water
  • J.H. Fewell General Pump Repair and Replacement Drinking Water
  • O.B. Curtis/J.H. Fewell Chemical Feed Automation Drinking Water
  • O.B. Curtis Raw Water Pump Replacement Drinking Water
  • O.B. Curtis General Filter Upgrade Project Drinking Water
  • West Bank Interceptor Sewer Line Repair and Rehabilitation Project Wastewater
  • Mill Street Sewer Basin Reconstruction Wastewater

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