Mike Leach’s top ‘must-have’ items for early morning tailgating

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As Mississippi State fans prepare for an upcoming early morning tailgate prior to this Saturday’s 11 o’clock kickoff, head coach Mike Leach has a few items in mind for Bulldogs fans to bring to the Junction.

When asked what his top morning tailgate items would be, as usual, Leach did not disappoint.

“Well some will bring Bloody Marys, I imagine,” Leach said going into his answer. “Probably a comfortable chair or a lawn chair to get a little sleep in before kickoff. You would definitely want something good to eat that would energize you, but that’s quick and easy. You need your sunglasses for sure.”

Leach also mentioned that many will likely want to enjoy the camaraderie of tailgating after the game since other games will be taking place across the country. The Bulldogs’ head coach emphasized the importance of having a quality entertainment setup readily available.

“If you’re really having a good time, you’re going to have a long ‘after the tailgate’ too. You’re definitely going to want a good tv setup to watch the other games because you’re going to be done before most.” Leach added.

Mississippi State is scheduled to welcome Arkansas for the early morning matchup. The game will be televised on the SEC Network.

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