Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative offers working single moms hope for the future

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Low-income, working, single mothers have a resource to help them move from a state of crisis to a state of self-sufficiency through the Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative (MLICCI) funded in part through a TANF grant provided by the Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS).

The Mississippi Low-Income Child-Care Initiative serves as a technical assistance resource to childcare providers of low-income, working, single moms. MLICCI administers the Employment Equity for Single Moms (EESM) program, a statewide workforce project targeting single moms, connecting them to Job Search Training, Basic Education, Vocational Training, and Job Retention activities.

“Single moms have a strong work ethic, but research shows that the majority of Mississippi’s single mothers aren’t earning a living wage,” said MLICCI Executive Director Carol Burnett. “A majority of them are in low-paying jobs with a little runway for advancement, and they face multiple challenges when it comes to finding jobs that will help them become financially stable. So, we created the Employment Equity for Single Moms project, which uses intensive case management to connect single moms wanting to earn more money for their family to what they need to increase their career options: affordable child care and skills training that makes them competitive candidates for higher-paying jobs.

“The Skills2Work partnership is a natural fit for our EESM project because it helps us connect our single moms who need better jobs to training programs that help them earn those livable wages.”

MLICCI may also provide allowable support services for barrier mitigation assistance to include, but not limited to, childcare assistance, transportation, books, clothing for a job interview, licensing and bonding fees, and wraparound intensive case management.

“As the child of a working, single mother, I have personally seen the challenges they face in providing for their families,” said MDHS Executive Director Robert G. “Bob” Anderson. “A little more than 11 percent of households in Mississippi with children under the age of 18 are led by single mothers, which is second in the nation. We must provide the resources to help them overcome these challenges. Providing single moms support is essential to seeing them succeed.”

There is no cost for single moms to participate in the EESM program. Those who would like to learn more about better-paying jobs and career advancement are encouraged to apply now at mschildcare.org/eesm. To contact someone at MLICCI for more information, email info@mschildcare.org.

To learn more about the Skills2Work (E&T) program and apply through MDHS, go tohttps://www.mdhs.ms.gov/workforce-development/.

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