MSDH data shows nearly 29,000 students quarantined

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The number of students under quarantine in Mississippi continues to rise. 

The latest data shared by the Department of Health shows that, as of last Friday, 28,990 students were quarantined due to exposure along with 1,132 teachers. 

5,763 students tested positive for COVID-19  last week as did 945 teachers. 

For the school year, a total of 11,766 students have contracted the virus so far compared to 2,383 teachers. 

The MSDH data represents reports from 835 schools in 75 of Mississippi’s 82 counties. 

Recently, the State Board of Education voted to allow schools to use a hybrid schedule when necessary in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

For a detailed look at the report, click here.

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