MSDH reports 4,249 new cases, 11th pediatric death

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On Tuesday, the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) reported 4,249 cases of COVID-19 in Mississippi.

The latest report brings the state’s total number of cases to 731,667. With the confirmation of 109 additional deaths, 11,044 Mississippians have passed away from the virus. One of the deaths reported was a child aged younger than five. It marks the 11th pediatric death Mississippi has seen since the onset of the pandemic.

While Tuesday’s report seems to be a decrease in comparison to recent weeks, Dr. Mark Horne of the Mississippi State Medical Association says that hospital settings still reflect those of the Delta peak.

“As an absolute number, we’re right there with Delta—slightly below but right there,” he said. “As a percentage, it’s lower. There’s just so many more cases of Omicron than there were of Delta that what you lack in percentages, you make up for it with the volume of cases.”

As of Monday, 1,386 people were hospitalized with a confirmed COVID-19 infection. Total hospitalizations peaked at 1,667 during the Delta wave.

To view the full MSDH report from Tuesday, click here.

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