MSDH says medical marijuana should be available by the end of 2022

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Over 400 Mississippi residents have been authorized to use medical marijuana, according to a recent release by the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH).

On Thursday, the MSDH held a press conference to discuss the state’s current position in implementing the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Program (MMCP), stating that residents are expected to be able to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries by the end of 2022 or in early 2023.

According to the MSDH, exactly 406 individuals have been approved to use medical marijuana, while 491 people have been authorized to become employed in the field through work permits.

The MSDH added that as of now, licenses have been granted to 47 cultivators, 117 practitioners, eight processors, and 138 dispensaries, while provisional permits have been issued to three disposal entities and two testing facilities.

“This is an exciting time and a critical time. We do need more testing facilities. The licensure is unlimited, so we do not have a cap like some other states do. So, if there are interested parties out there, I would really encourage them to look at those regulations about what that might look like for a businesses model for them also,” said MMCP Director Kris Jones.

Continue reading below for the full list of requirements by the MSDH for qualifying conditions, licensing, business registration, and cultivation of medical marijuana.

MSDH releases medical marijuana qualification requirements

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