MSU launching software to help student-athletes maximize NIL opportunities

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Graphic Courtesy of MSU Athletics

With Mississippi’s name, image and likeness law set to take effect on June 1st, Mississippi State will be the first university in the country to implement an online platform aimed at aiding student-athletes in maximizing their money-making opportunities. 

MSU Athletics announced that the COMPASS NIL platform—developed by trademark licensing company CLC & Game Plan—will work to educate student-athletes on NIL rules and regulations while also helping them to comply with reporting requirements. 

Appearing on SportsTalk Mississippi, MSU Athletic Director John Cohen spoke on the invaluable asset that the new software will be for student-athletes. 

“If you would said to me when I was 18 to 22-years-old that I would go out and earn some money—whatever amount of money that is—I would not have had a clue what the tax implications of that are. So, everything from working within their brands to being taxed by the federal & state governments and being able to track & be responsible for what you are earning, all of that is part of this process. And, we aren’t too proud to realize that we need help in order to help our kids,” Cohen said. 

Mississippi State will begin using the COMPASS platform over the summer. 

In the absence of federal NIL laws or a blanket set of regulations from the NCAA, five states, including Mississippi, will enact their own laws this year. 

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