Mystery family donates $1M to Ole Miss

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During this year’s Giving Day, a social media-heavy fundraising event put on by Ole Miss, the university received a $1 million gift from an anonymous family.

According to the university, the donors designated the money to go into the Chancellor’s Trust after meeting with Chancellor Glenn Boyce in the fall of 2021 to discuss the school’s funding priorities.

“We are making this gift to the Chancellor’s Trust because we know Chancellor Boyce will use it to support areas on the Ole Miss campus that need it the most,” the anonymous donors said.

The single donation nearly doubled the amount raised ($550,000) on the first-ever Giving Day in 2019.

During Giving Day 2022, which lasted for one day, eight hours, and 48 minutes in honor of Ole Miss’ founding in 1848, raised a total of $2,541,438.

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