No Delta State players suspended following brawl at Chowan

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The Gulf South Conference (GSC) will not be taking any disciplinary action against Delta State following a massive brawl that ended the Statesmen’s game at Chowan Saturday night.

Jason Oliveira, GSC assistant commissioner of communications, confirmed to SuperTalk Mississippi News that six players and one fan from Chowan have been suspended while no players from Delta State will be subject to punishment.

The GSC’s ruling comes after a fourth-quarter brawl forced the game to be called early as the Statesmen were sent home with a 42-18 victory. In multiple videos posted, both players and fans can be seen swinging helmets as Delta State tight end Adam Duncan was being pinned against the Chowan sideline fence.

During Monday’s press conference, Delta State head coach Todd Cooley said he did not anticipate any players receiving suspensions.

“I’m really proud of our team. We did a good job – coaches and players – restraining,” Cooley said. “So, I do not anticipate any (suspensions). I don’t think there should be any on our side, but at the end of the day, that’s not my decision.”

Cooley also made it clear on who he believed started the brawl.

“You’ll have to ask them. I didn’t feel like we started it. Still don’t.”

In addition to the suspensions, Chowan will be required to conduct a game management and security review before submitting any findings and new policies to the GSC prior to their next home game on Sept. 23.

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