Number of COVID cases can indicate coming hospitalizations

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The number of COVID cases reported each day across Mississippi can be an indicator of hospitalizations to come. Dr. LouAnn Woodward at UMMC toldSuperTalk Mississippithis morning that in the early days of the pandemic, it would take a couple of weeks before hospitalizations rose.

“With the Delta variant that runway has been a little bit tighter,” she said during an interview onThe Gallo Show.“It doesn’t necessarily take two weeks before we feel the impact related to hospitalizations. It seems like people are getting sicker quicker.”

She predicts Mississippi is going to have a rough August, and September isn’t looking too good either. “If we want things to look better in October and November what we have got to do it slow down this spread.” She says she feels like a broken record, but the way to do that is for people to get vaccinated right now and wear their masks.

Woodward told us she’s heard Mississippians say they haven’t gotten vaccinated but it’s so bad now what’s the use. She wants to stress that it’s not too late.


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