Reeves slams Cuomo’s “despicable” vaccine comments

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America woke up to good news this morning as Pfizer, one of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies, announced that its COVID-19 vaccine has proven to be 90% effective during phase three of its clinical trial.

However, not everybody is happy about the possibility of a vaccine implementation during the final months of the Trump administration. Almost immediately following Pfizer’s announcement, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appeared on Good Morning America to express his distaste with the current President overseeing a vaccine plan.

“It’s good news and bad news, George,” Cuomo said to anchor George  Stephanopoulos. “The good news is that Pfizer tests look good, and we will have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is that it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over, and that means this administration will be implementing a vaccine plan.”

Mississippi’s governor, Tate Reeves, responded to Cuomo’s comments on Twitter, referring to the take as “despicable.”

Reeves also added that if “liberal states” begin to “stiff-arm” a vaccine, Mississippi will go the opposite route and be the “first in line to give our citizens the option.”

Thus far, 1.2 million people worldwide have died from the coronavirus as the outbreak continues to worsen. Just three days ago, the United States saw over 121,000 daily cases of the virus.

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