Scam alert from the Mississippi Lottery Corporation

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Scammers are constantly coming up with ways to separate you from your money, and it seems to get worse around the holidays.  During an interview on The Gallo Show on SuperTalk Mississippi this morning, Mississippi Lottery Corporation President Jeffrey Hewitt explained that if someone contacts you to tell you you’ve won, you’re being scammed.

“We don’t call anybody.  We have no idea who could have bought a winning ticket.  Our system is very sophisticated.  We do know–like the individual that won the Match 5–we know where that was sold because it does leave a footprint, but we have no idea who the player was.  There’s no way we could contact people to ask them to come in, or give us your checking account number, which is probably the worst one.  Don’t do that over the phone, we would never have you do that,” he warned.

And double check those tickets!  With some games, there’s more than one way to win.


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