Senatobia officer fired after arresting 10-year-old for public urination

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The officer accused of arresting a 10-year-old for urinating in public has been terminated, according to a release from the Senatobia Police Department.

Police Chief Richard Chandler stated in a social media post on Monday that the officer involved, who has not been named at this time, is “no longer employed” following an internal investigation.

The child’s mother, Latonya Eason, spoke out regarding her son Quantavious’ arrest last week, saying that she was informed by an officer that her child was seen urinating in public while she was in an attorney’s office.

Eason stated that when asked for his reasoning, Quantavious explained that he went behind his mother’s car after his sister said that the office did not have a bathroom.

She then reprimanded her child, resulting in the officer saying that Quantavious would only be issued a court referral and could get back in Eason’s vehicle.

Additional officers arrived shortly after, with a lieutenant later stating that the 10-year-old was going to be arrested and placed in the back of a cop car for public urination.

Chandler released that Quantavious was then transported to the police department and released after his mother completed the required paperwork.

“This incident triggered an internal complaint and was investigated according to our procedures,” Chandler stated. “As a result of this investigation, one of the officers involved is no longer employed, and the others will be disciplined. We will also have mandatory Juvenile training department-wide, just as we do every year.

The following day, Eason was also taken into custody by the Tate County Sheriff’s Office after coming to the Senatobia Police Department to speak to an officer about a separate civil matter.

Chandler said that officers were aware that she had an active warrant through Justice Court and contacted Tate County Sheriff’s Office to take custody of her.

“We appreciate the public’s patience while we investigated this incident,” Chandler concluded. “Together, we will move forward towards building a safer and more respectful environment for all.”

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