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Sumrall grocery store employee returns wallet containing over $6K to owner

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An act of selflessness and integrity has earned one Pine Belt resident a Good Samaritan title.

This past Friday, Jennifer Sullivan, an employee at the Ramey’s grocery store in Sumrall, discovered a wallet containing over $6,000 sitting open at a register near the store’s entrance.

Sullivan then went to the store manager, Randy Bounds, and the two started to exchange ideas on how to track the person who owned the wallet.

After taking to Facebook, Sullivan and Bounds were able to successfully locate the rightful owner of the wallet.

The owner, whose identity has not been released by police for safety reasons, happened to be a Sumrall resident.

“I’m hoping anybody would have done the same thing,” Sullivan told WDAM. “I went around there and turned it around to see the name. When I saw it was a lot of money, I took my hands off.”

Sumrall Police Chief Elsie Cowart initially thought this was a routine case of a personal item reported missing, but without money in it. She was pleasantly surprised upon spotting the thousands of dollars in the wallet.

“We get a lot of wallets, especially here on the trail,” Cowart told the TV station. “They will get the wallets back, but not the money, and sometimes, not debit cards, credit cards, and even identification. So that is very rare.”

According to Sullivan, her small-town upbringing led her to do what she believes is the right thing. She says people in Sumrall look out for one another.

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