Waste Management readies for hurricane season, offers tips on how you can too

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You may have your evacuation plan ready as hurricane season begins, but what about your trash plan?

Waste Management says they’re ready for hurricane season, which began Tuesday, and outlined their protocols in the event of an approaching storm. 

“In the event of an approaching tropical storm or hurricane, Waste Management will continue to provide collection and disposal services to its valued customers according to designated schedules, until weather conditions prohibit. Waste Management will abide by all emergency declarations and guidance given by local and state authorities after such tropical weather events to determine when and where it is safe to resume services to customers. Waste Management will provide pertinent information regarding both suspension and resumption of services to affected areas.”

As for what you can do pre-and post-storm, the company offered a few tips. 


  • Secure garbage and recycling containers. Place empty containers in a secure location away from open spaces.
  • Stop all yard maintenance and tree trimming activities when there is a named storm with a predicted landfall.
  • Bundle and tie down all loose trash such as tree limbs, wood planks or building and roof tiles. Place these materials in a location where debris cannot become hazardous to homes and automobiles in high winds.


  • Place normal household garbage and trash, such as food refuse, diapers and regular household waste at curbside and separated from storm debris (caused by severe weather such as high winds, hail and rain).
  • Storm debris, including tree limbs, carpet and carpet padding, aluminum and wood fencing, and household appliances should be placed curbside in separate piles, apart from the household garbage and trash.

“Following a powerful hurricane, one of the most essential needs for a community to begin recovery is the reliable return of its most vital services,” said Tricia Farace, Waste Management community relations manager – Gulf Coast Area. “That’s why at Waste Management, we spend a lot of time in the weeks and months prior to the start of hurricane season focusing on hurricane preparedness and recovery planning.”

Hurricane season runs through November 30th and forecasters are predicating another busy season with a likely range of 13 to 20 named storms, of which 6 to 10 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher). 

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