WCU, PRCC look to address the healthcare worker shortage in new agreement

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Pearl River Community College and William Carey University have banded together once again to enhance the quality of education for their students with a new focus on their health science programs.

On March 24, PRCC and WCU signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will streamline their healthcare student graduation process in hopes that it will aid in the healthcare worker shortage across the state.

The new agreement will allow pre-professional and healthcare PRCC students to enroll in certain dual enrollment healthcare courses from WCU at the same price as PRCC’s tuition, which will allow students to meet graduation requirements in both institutions sooner.

“This will help students know they need to start planning while they’re at Pearl River so they can take the right courses and graduate — that’s important, to graduate — in two years, spend one year with us and then be eligible to pursue a variety of healthcare programs here at William Carey. The quicker we can get students out, the less debt they have,” WCU’s Executive Vice President Dr. Ben Burnett explained.

In addition to WCU dual enrollment classes at a lower cost for PRCC students, the institutions have also agreed to the following:

  • “WCU will assist PRCC to initiate pre-professional programs for physical therapy, pharmacy, health information management, health administration and education, and RN-BSN programs.
  • Students who are dually enrolled at PRCC and WCU will receive academic support from William Carey.
  • WCU and PRCC will work together to promote open communications, evaluation of current programs, and future planning.”

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