West Nile cases rise to 16 in Mississippi

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The Mississippi State Department of Health has confirmed that three additional cases of West Nile virus have been discovered in the Magnolia State.

The latest report brings the total number of West Nile cases this calendar year to 16. Cases have been discovered in the following counties: Clarke (1), Grenada (1), Hinds (5), Jackson (2), Lamar (1), Madison (1), Panola (2), Rankin (2), and Sunflower (1).

As cases slowly rise across Mississippi, medical officials are urging residents to take precautionary measures when it comes to avoiding mosquito bites.

“In Mississippi, taking care of our risks includes wearing mosquito repellent and wearing sleeves when out in a particularly active mosquito area,” Dr. Jennifer Bryan said. “It’s a serious virus that isn’t diagnosed often, and prevention really is key when it comes to West Nile virus.”

Other tips include removing all sources of standing water around your home and yard to prevent mosquito breeding and avoiding areas entirely where mosquitoes are prevalent.

Mississippi was one of the last states in the southeastern U.S. to confirm a case of West Nile this year, with Louisiana, Tennessee, and Alabama all confirming cases earlier in the summer. Mississippi’s first case was discovered on Aug. 17.

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