Your Mississippi forecast for Wednesday, May 24

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Partly sunny skies with a slight chance of thunderstorms will be seen across the majority of Mississippi today, with cooler temperatures to follow overnight.

Northern Mississippi:

Sunny skies will be seen throughout the majority of the northern portion of Mississippi today with temperatures expected to sit in the lower to mid-80s. As night falls, partly cloudy will progress into the night as temperatures drop to the lower 60s.

Central Mississippi:

Weather in central Mississippi is expected to be mostly sunny throughout the day with temperatures likely to stay in the lower 80s. Rain and thunderstorms will likely come in the morning and follow into the afternoon and evening. When the sun sets, the temperatures will drop to the lower 60s with mostly clear skies to continue throughout the night.

Southern Mississippi:

Some clouds and sun will be seen in the southern parts of Mississippi today as temperatures are anticipated to sit in the lower 80s. Scattered showers are expected to occur in the morning with thunderstorms to follow into the afternoon and night. As the sun sets, mostly cloudy clear will continue as temperatures drop back down to the lower 60s overnight.

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