Your Mississippi forecast for Wednesday, October 5

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Clear skies and sun accompanied by warmer temperatures will be seen across the majority of Mississippi today as fall weather begins in some portions of the state.

Northern Mississippi:

Sunny skies will be seen throughout the majority of the northern portion of Mississippi today with temperatures expected to sit in the lower 80s. As night falls, the sky will stay clear as temperatures drop to the lower 50s.

Central Mississippi:

Weather in central Mississippi is expected to be sunny throughout the day with temperatures likely to stay in the mid-80s. When the sun sets, the temperatures will lower to the mid-50s with clear skies expected throughout the night.

Southern Mississippi:

A good bit of sun will be seen in the southern parts of Mississippi today as temperatures are anticipated to sit in the mid-80s. As the sun sets, cloudless skies continue as temperatures drop back down to near 60 overnight.

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